Sunday Sessions S2:#5- Quiet Walk Live from Scoop De Ville Hartford

This week's session features Quiet Walk.  It was recorded in November of 2016 at an monthly Open Mic that I host through the Schauer Center in Hartford WI.  This particular week due to scheduling conflicts, we moved the session to the local ice cream shop, Scoop De Ville.

This tune is the 5th track on my Live Themes album.  It is a slow meandering tune that focuses on the more sensitive improvisational possibilities.  It has an odd phrase structure, being in AABA form, the A sections are 11 measures and the bridge is 9.  The harmonic structure of the tune is pretty static with multiple "fake outs" where the harmonic resolution is delayed and than resolved at points later in the phrase. 

This tune was inspired by the Soprano Sax playing of Lucky Thompson on Lucky Strikes and appears on future recordings of mine.

The title, Quiet Walk, is taking from the multiple times I would roam the UW Madison Campus at night while in the company of a significant other or person I would want to get to know better.  These moments mixed with deep contemplation, offered me the time to reflect and enjoy that time of my life as a student and young musician.