Sunday Sessions S2:#6- Rock The Ronk

Here is the story I was talking about during this week's Sunday session.  Rock The Ronk was written during a period of creativity and inspiration due to what was going on around me.   My friends, the musicians I was playing with at the time and the musicians whom I looked up to.  

During a New Year's Eve (2001) I was at a friends party who happened to live on state street in Madison near the Orpheum theater.  I met a girl I was interested in at the party and we went up to the roof to hang out.  Little did we know that the doors locked behind us and we were stuck on the roof for a few hours.  Everybody at the party left after the ball dropped so there was no one to let us down.  Finally we found a fire escape and some football players helped us down.  Anyway, that was the inspiration for this song.  Enjoy.  The original can be downloaded at