Sunday Sessions S2:#4

Sunday Sessions S2:#4 is ready to go but before I release it I want to share a little reflection on my Sunday sessions.Last year during season one, I challenged myself to video record a new improvisation weekly on a different instrument or location in my community or life travels.I got good at scoping out new places to jam and new instruments to try.I learned a lot about myself as a musician and developed my philosophy for how to share my music with the world.



While planning Sunday sessions season two, i wanted to challenge myself to go back to where my career as an artist started, and breath new life into music that was very important to me. 


Recording albums was always a way for me to mark my time as a musician.  Starting in 2002 every year or so I would compile my music and record a album with whatever group of musicians I was playing with.  All these recordings were done in livings rooms or live at different venues and at first were very raw in quality and of production.  Some of the tunes we recorded were only played once or twice. 


Regardless of expectation or production value, i treated each project as a work of art.  I would copy about 100 albums to sell at shows and use for promotion.  After they sold out I would move on to another project.  I always kept the master for myself but once the original 100 were gone they were gone.  

Now I have been putting my music as digital downloads on a site called bandcamp.  These old recordings have new life and are available for purchase!  At any time.   

This has inspired me to go back into my catalogue and start playing these songs in my groups and as the material for Sunday sessions season two.  I want to continue to develop my own voice through the music that represents who I was, am and will be as a musician.  Thank you for continuing this journey with me!  life into music that was very important to me.