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Unrehearsed MKE 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday, February 4th, 2018, join the Unrehearsed MKE community as we celebrate 5 YEARS of monthly improvised performances. This special anniversary party will include sets of round-robin style improvisations featuring some of the artists who have made the last year of Unrehearsed MKE events continually special.

The following performers will be involved in the multiple sets of round-robin improvs:

Stëphèn-Gållẫm SỢLď-Ǒŭt
Daniel Carver
Josh Guarisco
Molly Lieberman
Ryan Meisel
Nick Lang
Barry Paul Clark
John McCoy
Rick Ollman
Maks Prykhodko
Tally Moss
Pat Reinholz
Devin Drobka
John Christensen
Paul Westfahl
Joshua Catania
Paul Gaudynski
Tomas Antonic

As with our previous anniversary parties, this special Unrehearsed MKE will begin earlier than our normally scheduled events, so please note the start time of 3:00PM on Sunday, February 4th. As always, we're happy to have West End Conservatory be our home for these events, and donations are encouraged for non-performers. 

There will also be food! Because we're celebrating! Unrehearsed MKE co-curators will be bringing vegetarian and non-vegetarian crockpot chili, as well as various snacks. If you would like to bring treats to celebrate or beverages to drink, please feel free to do so!

Thank you all SO MUCH for continuing to help not only sustain but grow this series and this community of artists for 5 YEARS. It's such an honor and privilege to help facilitate these performances and to see the level of artistry coming out of the members of this ever-growing community. With a sincerest heart, we thank you.

See you at 3PM on Sunday February 4th!!

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Ryan Meisel QuArtet

When you’ve had your fill of choirs and carolers but still want to get in a festive mood, slip into something more comfortable with these soulfully original jazz interpretations of Christmas favorites with the Ryan Meisel QuArtet. Enchanting audiences with his powerful saxophone playing and melodic ideas, Ryan captures the spirit of the season and transforms it into a sonic display of celebration that is thought-provoking, soulful and fun! The all-star group also features drummer Jake Polancich, pianist Craig Rigby, bassist David Dinauer. The holidays will never sound the same! MeiselMusic.net 

TICKETS Premium $20 Standard $17

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