We didn’t know we liked jazz until we heard Ryan Meisel!
— Audience Member- 2015 Schauer Center Cabaret Series, Hartford WI.

Ryan Meisel QuArtert- "Bert's Blues" - Live from Jazz Gallery Milwaukee, 4/30/16

Ryan Meisel QuArtet- "Ai Luj"- Live from Jazz Gallery Milwaukee, 4/30/16

April 2015, Schauer Center Cabaret Series.

Recording from 2011 Meisel Music Collective Synergy album.

Recording from 2013 Meisel Music Collective Stayin' The Course album.

The Meisel Music groups were formed in 2011, and comprised of Milwaukee musicians.  My current ensembles consist of; "Meisel Music" duos, trios, quartets and the larger band called the "Meisel Music Collecitve."  At their most fundamental core the ensembles play straight-ahead, modern jazz, but strive to tear down the walls of musical classification by using various styles as a platform for improvisation.  The musical foundation of the groups are based off of Ryan Meisel's creative compositions, arrangements and aggressive saxophone soloing. 

Current Line-up for different "Meisel Music" configurations:

Ryan Meisel: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari Saxophones

Tyler Bex: Guitar

Cody Steinmann: Guitar

Conway Powell: Bass

Jake Polancich: Drums

Rick Aaron: Flute

Additional musicians related to the groups: piano; Mike Hetzel, Anna Brinck, Keith Johnson, bass; Doug Kritzman, James Galasinski, Dale Kellison, drums; Ben Hogen, and Celia Faye Meisel on voice and saxophone.

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