Montauk Project- Live at Var Gallery, 2016.  Currently in Production.

Two Owl Song- 2015.  Debut Album.  Currently in Production. 

Montauk Project- Montauk Monster, 2015.  Currently in Production.

Montauk Project- Volume 1, 2014.  Prelude, Fat Chase Live at Jazz Gallery, Stutter, A Look To the East, Meditation, Interlude, Yes, You did Mvt. 1, Yes, You did Mvt. 2, Takt, Overdrive, Fine.

AHK Quartet- Out of the Box, 2014.  Chameleon.

Meisel Music Collective- Stayin' The Course, 2013.  Straight On Til' Morning (Brinck), Blues for Ramsey (Brinck), River of My Soul (C. Meisel), Greensleeves, Stayin' The Course, Summerime (Gerschwin), Summer's Lust, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Collective Canon, River of My Soul - Alt. Take. (C. Meisel)

Meisel Music Collective Christmas Single- Silent Night, 2013.   Silent Night, Greensleeves, Collective Canon, Summer's Lust.

Meisel Music Collective- Synergy, 2011.   Synergy, Candlelight, Being There (Galasinski), Mississippi Momma (C. Meisel), Sem Mais (De Luna), Goin' Down South (C. Meisel),  Deutscher Blues (Galasinski), Alone With You, Synergy Alt. Take, Mississippi Momma extended take (C. Meisel).

The Celia Faye And Ryan Meisel   Collective- One More Time, 2008 .   Centerpiece, Backwater Blues, I'm A Woman, Fine and Mellow, Love Me Like a Man, Gee Baby Ain't I good to You, Beatrice, Voodoo Woman, Backwater Blues, One More Time.

Method To The Madness- Creative Music Ensemble, 2007.   Levels Of Compatibility, Chakra Suite, Sonic Deviations, Transcendence Suite, A Natural Union, Expression Individuality, Levels Of Compatability Tk. 2, Anahata Tk. 2, Sometime Soon.

A Ryan Meisel Collective- Motion, 2006.   20 Revolutions Around the Moon, Motion, Come Back to Me, Swang-a-Thang, Sonic Deviations, On the Rock, Quiet Walk, Method to the Madness, Have You Met Miss Jones, Renaming the Cat, Recurring Tendencies, Feelin' Good.

Ryan Meisel Quartet- Mohabi Single, 2005- Currently in Production.

Ryan Meisel Quintet- Hey Lovely..., 2005.   Hey Lovely, Candlelight, Palaver, By the Eye, Alone with You, Two Plus One, Bert's Blues, Candle Light, Hey Lovely, Ka-Tet, Everybody's Gotta Grow, Hey Lovely.  

Ryan Meisel & Susan Hofer- Live At Madison Center for Creative and Cultural Arts, 2004.     I Mean You, A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing, Black Coffee, Nature Boy, Softly as a Morning Sunrise, Lonnie's Lament, Meinong, Passion Flower, Autumn Leaves, Hey Lovely, Caravan.

Ryan Meisel- Do What You Love!, 2004.  After All, Coop's Soup, Meinong, Downtime, Blues for My Baby Girl, Candlelight, High-Hat, Do What You Want!, Sita's Song, More Blues for My Baby Girl.

Ryan Meisel Quartet- Revolutions, 2003Ai Luj, On the Rock, Pretty Dream, Sonny's Dance, 20 Revolutions Around the Moon, Take Some Time, Dancing with Shadows, Take No for An Answer 1, Take No for An Answer 2.

Ryan Meisel Quartet- Live Themes, 2002Intention, Theme for Tokie, Trisectomy, Nog It, Quiet Walk, Rock the Ronk, Jarred Nog It Alt. Take.

Swing Classics and Beyond- UW Madison Jazz Ensemble, 2002.  Don't Be That Way, Opus 1, Leap Frog, When You're Smiling, Jumpin' At the Woodside, Night Train, In a Mellow Tone, Take The "A" Train, Jamie, Back In The Sack, T.J., No Words to Say, Explosion.  

Cooper D. Grodin Ensemble- 2000.  Lauren, Needle Through My Heart, A Small Request, Where Has Joanna Gone, Purple Skies, Slowly, Youth, Things Change, It's Time, Human Nature.