Sunday Sessions #24: Ektara.

This week I am reflecting on my Sunday Sessions series.  I am am very excited each week to try something new and express my ideas through different instrumental mediums.  About ten years ago I picked up this little instrument at wooden voices in Madison.  I have carried it with me in my collection for many years and used it in many demonstrations that I give when doing children's creative music classes.  As I was getting ready to prepare for my recording I thought that I should do a little research first.  I always thought hat his was an African instrument but found out its proper name, history and technique.  I also found some beautiful videos that showed is sonic range and beauty.  This takes me to the point of this blog.  Every instrument has a song and I feel inspired when I can bring that song out.  It is my intention to experiment and express myself with sound whether that is with an instrument that I have been studying for 30 years or a new instrument being picked up for he first time.  Inspiration comes in so many forms.  You never know when the song is going to need to be released.