Montauk Project @Jazz Gallery Milwaukee, 8-3-2013 Set List

Set One:

1.  Stutter- Alto Sax and Drums

2. Fat Chase- Bari Sax and Drums

3. A Look to the East- Soprano Sax and Drums

4. Sin Lead- Named after the electronic effect that accompanies the Tenor Sax

5. Overdrive- Conceived as a reaction to the school shootings in Connecticut in December 2012, "Overdrive" features the aggressive playing of the tenor sax and percussion as it resembles Peter Brotzmann's "Machine Gun" album.  Half way through the tune the tenor flips on a distortion effect that is named Vulgar. 

Set Two: 

1.  Bells- Cymbals with Soprano Sax accompaniment. 

2.  Alone With You- Standard Ryan Meisel composition featuring Meisel Music Collective Bassist, James Galasinski.

3. Greensleeves- Staple of Meisel and Galasinski's since their early days of performing together. 

4. Reverse- Solo Tenor Saxophone named for the electronic effect. 

5. Blues For My Baby Girl- Theremin feature with Bari Sax. 

6. 22-4 Arp. 3 Jam- Improvisation based on the arpeggio effect it is named for. 


The inaugural performance of the Montauk Project, albeit light in Audience attendance, has embarked on a sonic journey of sound exploration.  More to come from this due...