Meisel Music Collective North Lake Library 8-7-13, Set List:

Thank you to all of the patrons of the North Lake library and to all those attending our 3rd annual spot in its summer concert series!   We had a blast, enjoyed the weather, and look forward to our next time together.

Set List: 

1. Pass it On- Composition by Dave Holland

2.  Jordu- Cover of 1950's hard-bop standard with vocalize by Karrin Allyson

3.  Moanin'- (Same as Jordu) 

4.  My Love- Standard duet between bassist James Galasinski and vocalist Celia Faye

5.  Lucky So and So- Cover of Duke Ellington standard. 

6.  Mississippi Momma- Standard Celia Faye composition

7.  Alone With You-  Ryan Meisel Standard

8.  A Look to the East/Greensleeves

9.  Little By Little- Blues in A. 


10. Synergy- Title of MMC's first album and group jam feature. 

11. Goin' Down South/Bobby McFerrin inspired blues sing-a-long with audience.

12. Summertime- Summer concert standerd featuring the bari sax.