Meisel Music Collective @Kochanski's 8-8-13, Set List:

Band was in full gear with tons of energy and sound for their all original set Friday night playing along side the Nate Weiss Quartet.

Set List: 

1. Being There- Introspective opening by James on Bass.  Took a chance starting the night with a bass solo but it paid off by setting a good mood. 

2. Straight On Till Morning- Anna's rollicking tune inspired by her time with the Dead Man's Carnival. 

3. Blues for Ramsey- Anna and Ryan took awesome solos on this one.  One of our best songs eliciting a "Bravo" from one member of the audience.

4. Sem Mais- A tune seldom played over the last year, this tune provided an interlude for Jake to explore the capacity of sound and timbre capable from his drum set on the small stage and close quarters.  He commanded the attention of the audience through out. 

5.  River of My Soul- Celia's vocal crafting of the song takes the listener on a journey through the tide of her heart, and the peace of her being and spirit.

6. Summer's Lust- First ever live performance of a Madison WI  singer Susan Hofer's poem about the end of a season.  Music by Ryan and sung by Celia, the band is only approaching the limitless possibilities of what this tune has to offer.

7.  Something Wicked This Way Comes- Another Ryan composition being performed live for the first time.  Looking forward to many more playings of this deep cut.

8.  Synergy-  The band's primal feature never disappoints to enliven the crowd and send the band on its way. 


Being There, Sem Mais, Synergy - from the 2012 release, "Synergy."  Straight on Til Morning, Blues for Ramsey, River of My Soul, Summer's Lust, Something Wicked This Way Comes-   To be included on the next album by MMC, 2014.